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Landscaping With Rocks

When laying out a design for your lawn, adding the element of stones, rocks, and even boulders will enhance the curbside appeal of your property. Landscaping rocks can be the solution to solve problems such as shaded areas, low-lying spots that have poor drainage, and parts of the landscape that are hard to mow or maintain. For example, using rocks as part of an outside water feature makes the area appear organic and natural. The versatility of adding stone to your landscape is endless while adding visual excitement to your design. Here are some ideas that are exciting ways to showcase your property.

Border Beds

If keeping your driveways, walkways, fence lines, and border walls from looking shaggy, consider creating border beds using stones as the cover “mulch”. They will give a defined look while preserving moisture for the plants, and cutting down on weeding.

A Fire Pit Area

If being outside around a fire pit is your thing, consider using rocks to create the perfect area.Using a variety of landscaping stones, the pit, the surrounding area, and the seating can all be made of different style rocks for an exciting look that is safe for fire use as well as low maintenance.

Terrace Beds

Instead of mowing a hillside of grass,consider creating a rock wall terrace as a landscaping element that is much easier to maintain. Herb beds, annuals, succulents, or a vegetable garden are wonderful ideas for usage of this space. With the beds raised, planting and maintenance will be easier on your body.

Downspout Solutions

After the rain comes off your roof and down the spout, does it wear away at your yard? Building a rock base at the bottom of your spout will redirect the water from eroding this area, and is more attractive than black PVC piping. Use a pile of several rocks, then plant herbs or a ground cover to soften the look.

Stepping Stones

Let’s not forget the timeless use of stepping stones in the garden or yard. Using flat rocks as a path is charming as well as long-lasting. They help to keep the area from becoming muddy and an eyesore. If in a shaded area, plant moss around them to keep the walkway green and lush.


Do you love fishponds in the yard that look natural with plenty of rocks and greenery? How about the sound of soothing, trickling water? Layering stones to create a natural looking “cliff” and having the water cycle down the stones not only sounds great but will keep the water aerated while adding the visual element a waterfall.


Slabs of stone, such as granite, make great garden and yard benches. You can create long-lasting, practically maintenance free sitting anywhere on your property. These benches tend to blend easily with the landscape while making a statement.

Specialty Gardens

If you like focal points in your design, using landscaping rocks as the ground cover will frame your plants and garden. Cactus and succulent gardens are a classic style for rock cover. This is also true for decorative tall grasses such as Pampus or a feather reed grass.

Stone Tiles

Stones tiles can be used as pavers for patio, lanai and pool cage flooring. Elegant, long-lasting, and easy to maintain, these types of stonework is also an investment that adds value to your home. With so many natural colors available, it should not be a problem to find a match to your landscape and home.

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