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Essential Things To Consider When Choosing A Landscape Design

If you want to upgrade your landscape, there are important factors that you need to consider. While the thought of redesigning your landscape can be an exciting project, you need to plan things carefully so you can get desirable results. Buying plants and other ornaments from the garden store can be tempting, but you need to develop a plan, or the outcome of the design will not go as hoped.

1. Know the specific conditions of your yard

When redesigning your landscape, always keep the regional climate in mind. Find out about your soil type and other details that are vital to your landscaping project. You should also be aware of the microclimates which are divided into four categories: full sun, shade, partial shade, and deep shade. These microclimates are going to play a crucial role in the plant selection process. Observing how the water drains in your landscape is also necessary for the project.

2. Determine the themes

You will also have to consider the theme that you want your landscape to have. The theme will lead you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the materials and plants you are going to use. Themes may vary depending on your taste and budget. When you decide on a landscape theme, start by identifying the architecture of your home.

Be sure that the theme will complement the style and lines of your home. Since your yard is the extension of your home, it should go with your home’s architecture. Aside from helping you choose the plant and materials, thinking about themes will also guide you through selecting decorations and structures.

3. Determine how plants will function

Another important consideration that you cannot afford to miss is the function of plants in your landscape. There are a number of ways that you can use plants. They can provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables, aromas, or beautiful scenery. You can also use plants as barriers to making certain areas more defined.

Plants also help you identify where the landscape design ends. If you want more privacy, you can use plants as physical barriers to block the view of neighbors or to deter strangers from gaining access to the area. Low growing plants are also ideal for keeping your views open while also maintaining some landscape barriers.

4. Do not forget the details

Garden ornaments, hardscapes, and plants possess visual details based on their colors, textures, and shapes. Try to analyze how you can use these visual details for complementing your landscape. You can create a captivating landscape if you are going to fuse all these great details into one. Aside from visuals, you should also take the scent of the plants into consideration. Choose flowers that will bloom and go well with your landscape. Your garden will also be more attractive if you include flowers.

5. Preserve the environment

When redesigning a landscape, it does not necessarily mean that you have to remove all the existing plants to give way to new plants. You need to determine if there is truly a need for plants to be removed. Some plants can be relocated to another area. If you are going to select new plants, you should also make sure that they are resource-efficient. Choose plants that are easy to maintain and will require less pesticides, fertilizers, and water for your landscape design.

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