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Keeping Grass Protected From Dog Urine Damage

Your lawn is not just meant to make your home more appealing as it also provides a wide playground for your furry friends. While it may be fun to have dogs on board, discovering dog urine damage spots on your lawn can bring you disappointment, especially if you have worked so hard to keep your lawn lush. You cannot immediately detect urine on the grass. You will only discover that some parts of your lawn have been the favorite spot of your four-legged buddy when the spots start to show signs of lawn damage.

Reasons dog urine damages grass

There is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend and they obviously love your lawn just as much as you do. When your lawn becomes your dog’s haven, their urine can burn your grass. Whether you notice discolored or bare lawn spots, these are signs of dog urine damage. It burns grass because of the presence of nitrogen and some related salts. More often than not, homeowners pin the blame on female dogs, but their urine is no different from their male counterparts.

Once concentrated urine accumulates in a single spot, the damage in your lawn becomes evident. Keep in mind that urine burn is almost the same as fertilizer burn. All dogs, regardless of their breed are capable of damaging your lawn through their urine. However, since male dogs lift their leg when peeing, the urine can spread over larger areas. In some cases, urine burn can resolve itself. You will know that the problem is gone when new blades of grass emerge. Unfortunately, areas that have been severely damaged may require spot repair.

Fixing Damaged Spots on Lawns

The good news is that you can still fix pee spots. All you need is to arm yourself with the right information and repair products. It is also helpful if you understand the types of spots that your dogs may cause on lawns. These are brown spots and green spots. Although both types can be caused by dog urine, there are different approaches that should be used for addressing the problem.

Remedies for green lawn spots

Your dog’s urine contains a high amount of nitrogen, which is known as an essential nutrient to plants. The spots where your dog frequents to urinate may turn green if it does not have enough nitrogen. The entire lawn will have the same rich color if you supply extra nitrogen to it. You can tell whether or not your grass lacks nutrients by taking a soil sample. The soil must be tested to determine its pH level. There are fertilizers that can correct the deficiency. This kind of fertilizer will not only boost nutrient content but also make the grass tolerant of urine salts.

Remedies for brown lawn spots

In most severe cases, the grass will turn brown because of dog urine. This means that the areas have dying grass. When lawns are dry, weak, or stressed, they become vulnerable to dog urine damage. If you see patches of brown grass, water the area to get rid of the urine salts from the soil. If it is minor urine damage, the growth of new grass will fill the area over time. However, you should not wait for nature to resolve the problem. Act on it upon discovering the problem.

While it is impossible to bring dead grass back to life, there are still ways you can fix dog urine spots. One solution is to remove the dead grass from the damaged area and repair it with fertilizer. The fertilizer has ingredients that can tolerate drought and ensure that your grass grows healthy and beautiful.

Be sure to keep your dogs away when doing lawn repairs, especially on areas where you have planted new grass seed. It is important that you provided enough protection to your future grass. It will take time for the new grass seed to germinate and develop strong healthy roots. Mow your grass three to four times before you allow people or dog traffic.

Preventing Dog Urine Spots

There are methods you can use to prevent dogs from peeing around your lawn. It starts with training your dog to go to a specific area when relieving himself. You can consider adding natural wood mulch for your pooch to keep them out of your lawn. Choose natural mulch, bearing in mind that some types such as cocoa bean hulls mulch can be toxic to animals. Some pet stores also sell dietary supplements intended for changing the nitrogen content of your dog’s urine. However, further research will still be required as proof of the effectiveness of these products. Some supplements can have a negative effect on the urinary system of your dogs.

Repairing Damaged Lawns and Dog Holes

Once you have dogs at home and you allow them to explore your lawn, do not be surprised if you see dog holes because they love digging. Once they develop the habit of digging, it may take some time to train them to stop digging. As soon as holes and other lawn damages caused by dog appears, consider applying these techniques:

1. Use high-quality topsoil for filling the holes. You can compress the soil with your foot until you have a solid soil surface. Avoid pressing too hard to prevent creating a compacted soil pocket, which may stop the growth of healthy grass.

2. Apply seeding mixture to the soil’s surface. Do not forget to read the label instruction so you will know the correct amount.

3. Keep the soil moist by watering it thoroughly. Water until the grass is tall enough for you to mow. There are specific instructions that you read on the label that will help you determine when you should water the area.

There isn’t much you can do to change the dog’s instincts. You just need to provide them with outlets to channel the extra energy they have. Their digging tendencies can still be addressed by giving them toys or taking them for a long walk. It is hitting two birds with one stone: you get to spend time with your pet and have a good exercise at the same time. There are certain types of dogs that are fond of digging underground. You can satisfy these instincts by building a sandbox and hiding their toys for them to find. Reward them afterward with praise or a treat for digging in their sandbox.

It is possible to have the lawn you desire even if you own a dog. You just need patience in properly training your dog so you too can enjoy a lush and healthy lawn.

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