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Types Of Natural Stone Used For Hardscape Projects

Types Of Natural Stone Used For Hardscape Projects

Stones are all you can think about when starting a hardscape project: a patio or an outdoor cooking area. You might think you only have to worry about one stone, but that’s not the case. Various stones are used for these kinds of projects, each having its pros and cons.

Learning about the available stones types helps you find the perfect style for your specific project.

Why Would Stones Make a Difference?

Earth tone stones are perfect for projects where the result is supposed to feel natural.

Some stones are more porous than others. Naturally porous rocks are best for areas that will get wet often, like near a pool area.

Granted, this is Cape Coral, Florida. It’s going to be wet often, so you don’t only have to worry about pools but patios as well.

Porous stones absorb water quickly, so they’ll be dry soon enough and safe to walk on.

The following are some stones you can choose from:


Sandstone is an attractive option, and it’s quite popular.

This one is perfect for this region because sandstone absorbs a lot of water.

This stone is easy to clean. If you do so regularly, it should last a lifetime.

Sandstone is a costly option, but once you see it, you’ll know why.

Slate Pavers

There’s a lot to love about slate pavers, like the fact that they are slip-resistant.

Being slip-resistant is vital in a place like this since rain never seems to go away. This characteristic is why slate pavers are used for hardscape projects with steps.

Slate pavers come in many colors, so they are versatile. You can get them in grey, light purple, blue, or even red, just to name a few options.

It’s vital to point out that slate pavers aren’t cheap. While they are beneficial for various reasons, you must have the money for this.

Travertine Pavers

Every so often, the project is too big for the expensive natural stone.

You’ll have to look for something more economical if this is you.

This is usually when people stumble upon travertine pavers. There’s a lot to love, like the fact that these natural stone pavers look like marble.

Marble is stunning, but it’s so expensive. It’s something many people only dream of, yet you can have the look with travertine pavers.

This option is prevalent in this region because it doesn’t get too hot when the sun shines on it.

Travertine stays cool to the touch, which is terrific if you step outside barefooted. It can absorb water quite easily, so it’s one of the safest stones in a wet region.

The stone will last a while, which is another point in its favor.


Flagstone is great for walkways. It’s relatively cheap and easy to install.

Part of the reason it’s easy to install is that it’s relatively thin compared to other stone slabs.

In this state, the texture is important, too. Don’t get smooth flagstone slabs. This is not good when it’s wet outside.

You want something uneven or rough. This creates traction and keeps you, and anyone else, safe when walking over the flagstone path.

These are some common stones used for hardscape projects, but there are many more to consider, like fieldstone primarily used as a wall stone. The key here is to decide on what you want to accomplish and allow that to guide you to the right natural stone for your project.

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