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Low Maintenance Landscape Ideas For Those Who Have A Busy Schedule

Gardens are the main attraction in any type of property, but not everyone has the luxury of time to complete a landscaping project. This does not mean though that you should forget about the idea of adding a garden to your outdoor paradise. There is still a way you can grow plants despite your busy schedule. Setting up a garden does not have to be a time-consuming task. There are low maintenance plants, trees and flowers you can grow. If you like the idea of setting up a garden to make the exterior of your home more attractive, here are some great ideas you can consider.

Low maintenance flowers to grow in Florida

Cape Daisy: If you want your garden to look attractive all year long without overdoing it, cape daisies are a perfect option. These low-growing flowers also bloom in wintertime. You can place them in hanging baskets, window boxes, or flower beds. Cape daisies have yellow-orange colors which will definitely stand out when planted in your garden.

Yellow Bells: Yellow Bells add a splash of bright yellow colors to your garden. They look great, especially during the summer months. Aside from their flowers, the leaves can also serve as an excellent backdrop. There are also orange bells which can grow up to 10 feet tall.

Sweet William or “pinks”: These lovely flowers are also referred to as Dianthus. They have small colorful red, pink or white flowers with different varieties-perennial, annual, or biennial. The flowers can grow up to 10 inches tall. They are ideal for containers or border beds. There is no need to consider any special routine for these flowers to thrive and bloom. All you need to do is to water them at the base when they are dry. They are in full bloom from the late spring until the middle of fall.

Blue Daze and Dwarf Morning Glory: So you have all the yellows, oranges and pinks in your garden. You can consider Blue Daze which can add a splash of blue to your garden. The Blue Daze usually bloom in the morning. They only require a very little amount of water, which makes them a drought-resistant flower.

Nemesia: Nemesia flowers look like snapdragons and they are considered as perennials. You can also use nemesia flowers as indoor decor and they also look well in containers, flower beds, or window boxes. They also stand out if the petal is in two different colors like blue and white. You do not have to follow a complicated routine to grow them. They also grow during the summer months.

Growing Trees

For trees to survive and thrive, you need to keep them protected from animals. They also need constant pruning so they grow healthy all year long. Since they create a big statement in your yard, it is also necessary to choose evergreens that do not require maintenance. There are trees that do not constantly shed leaves. However, you have to keep in mind that these varieties are in the expensive range. If you do not have much time for raking leaves produced by deciduous trees, the more expensive varieties are the best choice.

Adding mulch to your landscape

Your low-maintenance landscaping also needs mulch because it is resistant to weeds. There is no need to mow it either. Mulch requires little to no maintenance because it does not need water. If you like to grow plants and flowers in the mulch, they will continue to grow because it can absorb and retain rainwater. Replacing mulch will only be done every few years.

Investing in an irrigation system

For your low maintenance landscape to stay attractive, you have to invest in an irrigation system where you can have a steady supply of water. Your irrigation and sprinkler system will help you maintain your landscape without you spending so much time on your garden. All you have to do is to turn on your sprinkler system during the summer months.

Achieving an eye-catching yard does not have to require a ton of maintenance. Allow a landscaping specialist to help you plan things out so you will be able to maintain a healthy and attractive landscape all year round.

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