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5 Landscape Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

In creating a garden that is functional and visually appealing, you need to add features that will accentuate a drab-looking garden without overdoing the process. This leads to getting carried away with the process and your dream landscape design becomes a nightmare. Before you embark on a landscape improvement project, be sure to keep these mistakes in mind.

Adding mismatched pots

One way to make your garden more presentable is by adding potted plants, but pots can be an eyesore if they have different colors, materials and size. Keeping things balanced maintains the beauty of your garden. There are cases when redundancy is acceptable and one of which when you are repeating a particular type of plant. This technique allows a visual refrain and makes your container more purposeful. If you are not sure of the plant to add, choose evergreen shrub for your containers to have a strong and solid silhouette.

Not buying everything you need

Although a landscaping project is a big project, you will need patience so you can achieve the look you desire. If you prefer the biggest plants, there can be consequences in the long run, especially if you cannot keep up with the same size for the long term. Compared to buying a five gallon pot which costs $20, consider buying $5 one-gallon pot so you can achieve your designing goal.

Failing to create a garden in strategic spots

The purpose of landscaping your garden is to make your home more appealing. It is the feature that most people in your neighborhood notice. There is no use in creating a garden if it is hidden. All the efforts you put in to beautify your garden will go to waste. Be sure that your focal points are in strategic spots you can view it from your window.

Ignoring spacing recommendations

As much as you want to set aside the recommended space, it is an important factor that contributes to the overall beauty of your garden. Most homeowners want to avoid bare spots by planting as much as they want, not taking spacing recommendations. As plants grow, the space becomes crowded and this will lead you to pulling out the plants that you spent you a large amount of money on a long time ago. Bare spots are normal in early spring, but it should not be a thing for you to worry about because plants will grow eventually.

Sacrificing comfort over beauty

Another misstep that you can make when creating a landscaped garden is not arranging an area dedicated to your outdoor furniture. Your garden is not only for your viewing pleasure as it can also be a space for having your morning coffee or tea. You will need chairs and tables that are durable and strong. They do not have to be weather resistant as long as the seats and sofas are wide. Do not skimp on padding especially for your pillows and cushions. When arranging your outdoor seating area, treat it as if it were your living room.

In choosing plants to add to your landscape design, do not buy plants just because of their flowers. Buy plants for texture, color, and shape for the leaves as they are the ones that you will see for the entire season.

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