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4 Types of Landscaping Rocks to Add to Improve Your Yard

4 Types of Landscaping Rocks to Add to Improve Your Yard

Adding rocks is one of the most popular ways for homeowners to boost their curb appeal. But choosing which rock is best is often a hard task. Today we’re going to talk about various types of landscaping rocks so homeowners can make the best decision.

Choose The Right Landscape Rocks to Improve Your Yard

For homeowners, having attractive landscaping is a top priority. Aesthetically pleasing landscaping doesn’t just complement your home, but it also improves your home’s value.

With that said, if you’re looking to improve your landscaping, landscaping rocks is an excellent way to do it. Rocks are versatile, relatively affordable, and certainly helps to approve the appeal of any home.

But with so many types of rocks on the market, knowing which rocks to get can be difficult. To help make your decision a lot easier, we’re going to discuss some of the most popular types of landscaping rocks to choose from.

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel is a small rock often referred to as pebbles. These types of rocks are characterized by a smooth edge and are multi-colored. Interestingly, pea gravel rocks are small fragments of rocks that were plummeted by rivers, turning them into small pieces.

One thing to keep in mind with pea gravel is that it will require some sort of edging as this type of rock tends to spread without a solid edging to keep it together.

Benefits of Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is the perfect mulch replacement, especially if you have small areas that need to be filled. Another benefit of pea gravel is that it carries natural tones, which means it makes it the perfect base to accent any other decorative items you have in your yard, such as plants.

River Rock

River Rock is a popular type of landscaping rock that is considered a stepping stone from pea gravel. River Rock is characterized by a smooth appearance but is large in size. Like pea gravel, river rock is a great replacement for mulch, especially in large and more visible areas.

Benefits of River Rock

River rocks are an excellent type of rock to accent areas of your yard. In addition, the beautiful colors and size of river rocks can really complement your home. River rock is one of the most popular forms of landscaping rocks, which means that accessing them will be pretty simple.

Many homeowners prefer these types of rocks because of their versatility, color, and large size, making them great for many placements. This type of rock is great along fences, walls, or around a fountain.

Chipped Rock

Chipped rock is around the same size as river rock. However, these landscaping rocks come from larger rocks that are chipped down in size. Chipped rocks don’t have smooth edges or a polished look. With that said, they have great texture, which is great for simple landscaping that can benefit from more flare.

Benefits of Chipped Rock

Chipped rocks can come in a variety of colors but are generally only one color. With that said, the most popular color for chipped rock is white.

White chipped rock is the perfect base for colorful plants. This type of rock is also great around pool areas, beds up close to the house, and entryways.

Lava Rock

As the name suggests, lava rock is actually lava from volcanoes broken into smaller pieces. You can get lava rocks in various sizes, and these rocks have a more textured appearance.

Lava rock generally isn’t used to replace mulch around trees, but it is used for larger areas.

Benefits of Lava Rock

Lava rocks are a good option if you need to fill space in the front of your home. In the southwest region, these rocks are often used as a base to create entire yards when grass doesn’t grow.

Rocks are a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal. If you’re ready to add something to your landscaping, try one of these popular rocks.

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