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Types of Lawn Disease and How to Identify

Types of Lawn Disease and How to Identify

As a homeowner, you should value your yard’s beauty and health. Learning the types of lawn diseases your property can experience can save you time and money on repairs. If you notice discoloration, irregular patches, or unpleasant smells, it may be time to contact a professional.

Below, our lawn care technicians in Cape Coral explain everything you need to know about sick and dying grass.

Types of Lawn Problems

Depending on where you live, lawn disease can be a persistent annoyance. Fortunately, you can limit these issues by inspecting your property regularly. Here are some of the most common types of lawn problems technicians resolve for homeowners:

Root Rot

Take-all root rot generally appears during the spring and summer. This disease prevents vegetation from absorbing water, creating yellowish patches in the grass. Since decay weakens roots, affected lawns can be easy to pull up.

Solutions such as potassium injections or slow-release nitrogen fertilizer may help reduce the spread of take-all root rot.


Fungal disease can manifest in several different forms. Generally, wet and unkept lawns suffer from fungus growth the most. Spores can sap nutrients from the soil and prevent the grass from keeping its lush green appearance.

For mild cases, a lawn care provider can spray antifungal treatments across the lawn to reduce the spread. However, sod replacements may be necessary to combat more significant problems.

Brown Patch/Large Patch

Some types of lawn diseases, like brown patch, can be difficult to spot until you trim your grass. This condition may appear as yellow or brown patches in your grass during the late spring and early summer.

However, discoloration is not a symptom of changing seasons. Instead, it results from Rhizoctonia Fungus attacking your yard’s roots and compacted soil. Fortunately, you can fight brown patch with fungicides from your local garden center.

Fairy Ring

This disease may sound harmless, but fairy rings can quickly degrade your property. Marasmius Oreades is a mushroom that grows in circles around the affected soil. They can darken the grass and spread to other areas of the lawn.

Some cultures used to believe that stepping inside a fairy ring could curse an individual. Today, researchers know that core aeration techniques and dichlorphen chemicals can eliminate these mushrooms quickly.

Superior Lawn Disease Treatment

Are you ready to restore your lawn’s color and texture? At CWG Landscape, we proudly provide excellent lawn disease treatments at competitive rates. Our technicians have years of experience managing solutions for small and large properties.

Learn more about the different types of lawn diseases and more lawn care tips by calling our team at CWG Landscape in Cape Coral, FL, at 239-242-0900.

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