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Best Florida Backyard Ideas to Consider for Your Yard Makeover

Best Florida Backyard Ideas to Consider for Your Yard Makeover

Florida’s climate makes it a fantastic place to build a private oasis in your backyard. However, creating the perfect Florida landscape isn’t easy, as the landscape design options for an outdoor living space are limitless. Fortunately, you can get inspiration for your property with these Florida backyard ideas. 

1. Add Texture

Adding texture to South Florida landscape designs gives small spaces a sense of fullness without clutter. Strategic planting lets you explore different ways to have the greenery interact with lights and shadows to achieve depth for an otherwise flat space. For instance, add texture to your backyard by installing plants with broad and small leaves or incorporating plants with blooming spikes and foliage spikes.

2. Create a Food Forest

Since South Florida has a humid subtropical climate, it’s the perfect place to build a food forest. Instead of focusing on beautiful floral blooms for your landscape design, plant fruit-bearing shrubs, trees, vines, and herbaceous plants, like ferns, peonies, and carrot plants. The garden will be pleasing to look at and produce healthy foods.

3. Start a Year-Round Annual Garden

If you prefer a traditional backyard garden, consider planting year-long annuals to produce fruits and vegetables each season. Polyculture is a gardening technique combining fruit and vegetable plants with complementary flowers and herbs. Summer crops can include okra and sweet potatoes, while winter crops yield lettuce, carrots, and cabbage.

4. Build a Live Wall

If your living space is small or lacks sufficient green spaces to build a garden, you’ll need landscaping ideas for vertical spaces. A garden wall is one of the best Florida backyard ideas for a small space.

A garden wall covers a vertical space with greenery instead of relying on horizontal plant beds. The walls are perfect for backyards with a patio or sitting area because they give the space a natural focal point. Add ambient lighting around the wall to enjoy the greenery while entertaining guests at night.

5. Lose the Lawn

One of the most unique backyard ideas in Florida is to get rid of the lawn. You might want a grassy area in your Florida backyard landscape if you have children or a pet that would frequently use the outdoor living space. However, you can replace your lawn with other plant materials to give the space a unique aesthetic from the ground up.

The sophisticated planting of low-lying flowers, shrubs, and plants can fill your backyard with a meadow-like garden. Sunshine mimosa, Asiatic jasmine, and perennial peanut are a few plants to consider for this landscape design. For additional style, carve out a walking path with stepping stones leading to and from your home.

Make the Most of Your Backyard Ideas in Florida with CWG Landscape

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