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How Short Should You Cut your Grass

How Short Should You Cut your Grass for a Healthy Lawn?

Have you ever asked yourself the best height for your grass to have a healthy and amazing-looking lawn? Having your grass at a specific height determines its appearance, not to mention aiding weed and pest control. Leaving grass to grow for a long time without being mowed, or cutting it too short, can lead to several issues. The ideal height for your lawn is dependent on the type of grass.

A good rule of thumb – only take off a third of the leaf blade every time you mow your lawn. Sound a bit complex? Not to worry, the mowing height is set by measuring the height of the blade from the ground, minus a third, and you are good to go. The grass should be leafy to allow photosynthesis if it’s to flourish.

What Height Should Determine The Time to Mow Your Lawn?

The best cutting height of your grass is dependent on several issues that include the type of grass making up your lawn, its growing speed, and how leafy it is. The blades left prevents Florida weeds and crabgrass from overcrowding your lawn. The two most common Florida grass include Bermuda and the St. Augustine grass. While Bermuda needs to be mowed at a lower height, St. Augustine should be mowed slightly higher.

Scalping your lawn should be discouraged as it allows weeding and other seeds to grow. Short grass is exposed to too much heat and sunlight; hence it tends to develop its blade instead of deepening its roots for more nutrients. This exposure can easily damage your lawn and grass. You can mark a spot either on your mower or your fence to measure your grass height.

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn

The growth rate of your grass is what determines how often you will be required to mow your lawn. The growth rate of your grass is determined by several factors, including the time of year, weather conditions, and your type of grass. During winter, the grass goes into dormancy for both the northern and southern Florida residents, and it won’t require frequent mowing as it is not growing much. During the warmer period, you need to check on the height of your grass for your cutting. It would help if you remembered that the roots need to grow deep for the grass to survive during the cold conditions. In Florida summers, that usually means weekly mowing.

How to Keep Your Mower Effective for a Healthy Lawn

An effective way of balancing your mower for a healthy lawn is by maintaining the thumb height rule and keeping the blades sharp. A Lawnmower is an expensive piece of equipment and maintaining it and the sharpness of the blades can be a bit hard. The blades can be sharpened using a grindstone, grinder, or a file if you are a handyman. Grass cut by a sharp blade tends to heal faster and even maintain the beauty of the lawn. Remember to unplug the spark plug while doing any maintenance on your mower.

What is the Ideal Time to Mow Your Lawn?

The most recommended time to mow your lawn is when the lawn is dry. During the morning hours, most of the grass has dew which can clog your mower and make the blade have uneven cuts. While in the afternoon, the sun is high, mowing your lawn exposes your grass to stress.

While choosing a landscaping company to assist you, kindly check on their schedule to ensure they are not scalping your lawn.

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