When is the best time to Mulch?

Now is an excellent time to Mulch. Mulching this time of year as opposed to the summer months will give you the most benefit for your money because there is less chance of wash-out from rain and bleaching from the sun.

Mulching in plant beds should be done once or twice a year and be kept at 2-3 inches deep.  The benefits of using mulch are both aesthetic and environmental.


  • Gives any property an instant ‘face-lift’
  • Retains soil moisture
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Is a solution for shady areas where plants do not grow well
  • Is a solution for areas of the lawn that are difficult to mow or irrigate
  • Is an inexpensive alternative to rock and other ground cover
  • Helps to suppress weed growth
  • Moderates soil temperatures
  • Is natural & organic
  • Decomposes into topsoil, providing nutrients

There are many different types of mulch including cypress, pine straw, pine bark, and eucalyptus. Many come in a wide variety of colors and some have unique benefits.  Call us today for a free estimate and let us help you find your mulch solution!

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