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Tips for Successfully Adding Shade to Your Yard

If you want to enjoy the time you spend outdoors in your yard in Southwest Florida, having adequate shade is a must. It’s amazing how much relief from the heat a little shade can provide. In addition to making you comfortable, staying in the shade can also help protect your skin from too many UV rays, reducing your risk of sunburn and even skin cancer.

Shade Challenges

Shade is a wonderful thing, but it can also bring some challenges to your yard. At CWG Landscape, we work hard to develop landscaping plans that work well for our private and commercial clients. Many people love large trees that bring shade to their yards, but it’s important to realize that you need to factor in the lack of sun when you decide which other types of plants and shrubs to plant.

At CWG Landscape, we sometimes hear from clients who are considering taking down their trees because of shade problems. They enjoy the shade, but the lack of sun is keeping their grass from growing or causing their plants and flowers to die. Large, mature trees provide benefits both for the value of your property and for the environment, so we encourage you to investigate other solutions before you make your decision.

Shade Solutions

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between dealing with the hot sun without relief or dealing with dead grass and plants. When you hire our team at CWG Landscape, we will work with you to develop solutions that provide adequate shade while beautifying your yard. As a local company, we understand which plants and shrubs thrive in Florida’s climate without full sun.

There are lots of good options that allow you to experience the best of both worlds. Popular shrubs that work in shady areas include azaleas, flamingo plants, lady palms, and anise. If you are searching for ground cover that doesn’t require full sun like some types of grass, mondo grass, Algerian ivy, cast iron plants, or aluminum plants are all excellent choices.

Everyone loves a green lawn, but adding color is a must for both private and commercial properties. As an added bonus, flowers that are placed in the shade require less moisture after they are established, saving you money on watering costs. Some of the colorful flowers that tend to do well in shady areas include begonias, impatiens, violets and walking iris. Peacock ginger is another favorite among Florida residents since it can be used both as a ground cover or as a floral accent.

If you want to experience shade in your yard without sacrificing the beauty of your yard, contact our team at CWG Landscape in Cape Coral, FL today. We look forward to assisting you in creating and caring for your outdoor living areas.

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