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Sprinkler System Repair

3 Signs It’s Time for a Sprinkler System Repair

Timely sprinkler system repair will help you avoid costly fixes down the line. Manage your landscape with ease when your sprinkler system functions optimally.

Sprinkler System Repair

Sprinkler systems are designed to help you manage your landscape with less effort, but every great landscaper knows that sprinkler systems require their own care and maintenance to keep them running. If you have started noticing that your sprinkler system isn’t performing the way you’d like, it may be time to make some repairs. Here are three major signs that it’s time to call a professional for a sprinkler system repair.

A Spotty Lawn

Ideally, your automated sprinkler system should be providing just the right amount of water across the entire area of your lawn. If not, you may start noticing dry spots where water isn’t reaching, or soggy areas where too much water is building up. Both of these are cause for concern and could mean that something is preventing your sprinkler system from spreading the water equally.

Unexpectedly High Water Bills

Many people invest in a sprinkler system to save money because it guarantees that your landscape is receiving regular water without any waste. However, if your water bill starts climbing month after month, it may mean that you have a leak starting. At first, it may not be noticeable in your yard, but if you let the leak grow, it could turn your grass to a swamp, and it will be sure to cost you a lot. If you suspect a leak, it’s best to call for a pressure test right away so you can seal it up before it becomes a big problem.


Another common problem for sprinkler systems is sputtering sprinkler heads. If you notice that one or more of your sprinkler heads is not spraying properly, it’s time for a repair. It could be that grass or dirt is clogging the lines, preventing the sprayer from getting the water pressure it needs to operate normally. It could also mean that your sprinkler head was damaged by a vehicle or lawnmower at some point and needs replacement. The sooner you solve this problem, the safer your yard will be from missed watering sessions.

These are just three of the most common signs that you need a sprinkler system repair. Many of these problems start small, but can quickly grow to cost you money and damage to your lawn. It is best to check your sprinkler system regularly for signs of damage and keep an eye on your water bill to make sure everything is functioning normally. Remember to have your sprinkler system properly inspected before the seasonal weather changes to be ready for a drier winter! To learn more, contact CWG Landscape Inc. today and ask about our sprinkler repairs and troubleshooting.

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