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Questions to Ask a Landscape Contractor Before Hiring

It’s time to trim the hedges, install a new garden walkway, or do a seasonal cleanup. That means you need a landscape contractor.

But how to choose? Here are a few questions you can ask prospective contractors to save you time and money before you sign the dotted line.

What Kind of Landscape Contractor Company Are They?

Perhaps the real first question is “what kind of work do you need?”

Landscaping companies run the gamut. You can find full-service companies that do every aspect of landscaping, from designing a concept to implementing it to maintaining it in perpetuity, to ones that do much simpler work.

If a design is all you need, then you’re looking for a good landscape architect.

Likewise, the lines are sometimes blurry between “lawn care service” and landscape contractor. A contractor might offer lawn care services, but also offer more comprehensive services like hardscaping, patio and sidewalk design, and even irrigation and drainage projects.

Unfortunately, the name alone won’t tell you all the information you need. You’ll have to call, visit, or check out their websites to get an idea of your chosen landscape contractor has what you need.

Can You See Their References?

There’s no better way to judge someone’s work than … by their work.

This is especially true if you’re hiring a designer, but even in the case of a simple maintenance company. It pays, literally, since you’re the one shelling out for their services – to get a sense of their past and current work.

Don’t just accept the testimonials on their website or Google reviews, either. While positive reviews are better than negative ones online, nothing beats being able to go out and actually see the work.

If your prospective contractor is reluctant to do this, it might be time to look elsewhere.

Ask About Regular Maintenance

Landscape contractors often offer weekly or monthly maintenance packages so you can “set and forget” your landscaping needs. But this is another area where it’s good to inquire what specific maintenance that might entail. For instance, pretty much everyone offers lawn care and hedge trimming, but not everyone offers automated

For instance, pretty much everyone offers lawn care and hedge trimming, but not every landscaping company offers automated sprinkler system inspections and adjustments. Most will trim shrubs and hedges, but not every company has the capacity for tree trimming.

Once again, it pays to ask and list out your own needs before picking up the phone to call a contractor.

Ask for an Estimate

This seems obvious, right? Perhaps the better way to say this is to ask for several estimates.

No landscape company should have trouble giving you a quote for services. And once you assemble your estimates, you can make a more educated decision about who you end up contracting with.

That’s not to say it’s all about the money. In fact, the estimate should be the last thing you ask for. First, review their services, learning about their reputation, and seeing the quality of their work first-hand.

If you’ve already done all that – congratulations! You’re ready to hire a landscape contractor, and you can request a quote from us here today.

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