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Landscape Services Help Keep Yards Environmentally Safe

You take pride in your yard and the neighbors are beginning to notice. And yet, your conscience is beginning to interfere with your overall plan.

You care about the environment, and you sometimes get a guilty conscience when keeping your grass green. How can you be certain that the changes you’re making to your yard are aligned with your compassion for the environment?

In this post, we’ll discuss environmentally friendly landscape services that will keep your yard pristine, but without the guilt.

The environment was doing just fine before your house so rudely interrupted its natural progression. To ensure your yard is working with nature and not against, you must be mindful of best practices. Check out the list below to learn more!

Environmentally Safe Landscape Services

Selecting the Right Plants

First and foremost, you must take care when selecting the right plants for your yard.

This doesn’t mean matching your floral and fauna with your house color. For example, mistakenly planting non-native or invasive species can have detrimental effects on the area surrounding your yard.

Invasive species are highly adaptable to new environments and grow quickly. Sometimes the introduction of these species to an area can result in both environmental and economic harm, as well as compromised human health.

Managing Pests and Weeds

Now that you’ve selected the correct plants for your yard, it’s important to manage harmful pests responsibly.

In Florida’s warm moist climate, all manner of bugs and weeds are unavoidable. Keeping things in check often requires chemicals. Fortunately, you can keep those to the minimum with help.

Most homeowners don’t have the time or willingness to learn what is needed to contain each and every pest and weed. Neither should they! The professionals have years of experience and the ability to mix the right mixture for your yard so that you don’t use unnecessary chemicals.

The overuse of pesticides can often be avoided with a watchful eye and the correct plants. Also, it’s best to catch possible infestations early, so a regular checkup will avoid things getting out of control.

Protecting Waterways

Florida is rife with naturally occurring waterways, as well as man-made ones. Whether it’s a river, or a lake, or a canal, special care should be taken to ensure the health of these bodies isn’t compromised.

As previously mentioned, the use of pesticides isn’t always in the environment’s best interest. As such, there should be a buffer zone between your yard and any adjacent body of water.

If, for example, a landscape services company recommends the use of pesticides, ensure there is an area separating your yard from the water. You can accomplish this by doing, well, nothing! This buffer zone should be untouched and left to grow.

Managing Water Use

Just as you’re protecting the water near your property, take should be taken when watering your yard. Water is a precious resource, so why not treat it that way?

The key here is to use water efficiently. Water only when needed, and be sure you aren’t overwatering your lawn or plants. Excess water runoff can negatively impact the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, overwatering your plants can make them more susceptible to pests and harmful diseases.

Caring for Your Yard

Caring for your yard should be a source of joy, not of worry. Keeping your yard healthy, though, is crucial to maintaining the overall health of the surrounding environment.

To learn more about environmentally friendly landscape services, contact CWG Landscape today!

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