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Is Reviving A Dead Lawn Possible? Here Are Some Considerations

Discovering that the lush blades of grass in your lawn have died can be devastating news. Lawn care and maintenance are never a walk in the park. It should be done consistently to prevent the grass from dying, so if you found that your lawn becomes brown, there are several reasons why grass dies and the good news is that you can still revive them depending on the circumstances:

Reasons Grass Is Drying & What To Do About It

Drought: If you live in an area where drought is a big problem, the grass is more likely to suffer from the scarcity of rain. This happens during summer. Since the grass needs enough water to keep the roots alive, the lack of water will eventually take its toll on the grass. Without water for two to three weeks, the grass will become dormant. Although, the grass can survive without water for up to six weeks, during this time, the grass may have already turned brown.

Unfortunately, once the grass is dead because of drought, there are no other techniques to bring it back. If lawns are only dormant, regular irrigation will revive them.

Not mowing the lawn properly: There is a reason why lawn care professionals set a specific grass length when mowing your lawn. If the lawn is too short, it can stress out the grass causing them to turn brown and dry.

Be sure to keep the grass length no more than one-third the height every time you mow. During summer, you can keep the length to 3 inches. Avoid allowing grass to grow too long. Make it a point to mow your lawn regularly.

Not enough water: You need to water your lawn at least once a week or when the grass looks dry or wilted. It is essential to provide about an inch of water to prevent weakening the roots. Avoid over watering the lawn as well because it can also cause the grass to die.

Insects: You will never know if your grass is pest-infested unless you inspect the lawn. The lawn becomes brown because the roots have already been damaged. If you have over watered grass, the pests become attracted to it. The same is true for lawns that are neglected or excessively fertilized. Be sure to keep your lawn healthy to keep pests at bay.

Pet Spots: Your furry friend may already have a favorite spot to relieve himself and this can cause the grass to die. You can revive the spots of your lawn that are on the verge of dying by watering the grass thoroughly. You will also have to potty train your pet making sure they search for a better spot other than your lawn.

Fungus: If you have noticed brown spots in the lawn, it can be a sign that your lawn is infested by different types of fungi. Depending on the fungus, you can treat the problem yourself or call a lawn care expert to do the job. Being aware of the reasons for dying grass will equip you with a better understanding of the problem. You can also get the right solution to ensure that your lawn will continue to be your home’s outdoor attraction.

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