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Is It Possible To Over-Water Your Lawn?

The Answer is: Yes. And this time of year we see a lot of it.

A common misconception exists that the more you water your lawn, the lusher it will be.  By this same thinking, many people water far too much in Southwest Florida’s ‘dry’ season. Proper watering practices are a vital component of effective lawn maintenance.  They also carry an environmental benefit of decreased water waste.

Too much water can, in fact, lead to a variety of lawn complications.   Most of the time these result in additional costs to correct the problems.

Complications Include:

  • Pests 
  • Shallow root systems
  • Invasive weeds such as Dollar Weed
  • Invasive diseases such as Fungus
  • Run-off and water waste

What you can do to prevent over watering:

  • Be sure the service maintaining your lawn is knowledgeable, can diagnose problems and recommend solutions or irrigation & pest control companies, if necessary.
  • Install rain sensors
  • Learn to recognize when your lawn needs water & when it is getting too much
  • Mow grass to proper heights
  • Inspect sprinkler systems regularly
  • Calibrate your sprinkler system
  • Water in the early morning hours
  • Follow watering restrictions

Please give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your lawn watering needs!

The following video is extremely informative:

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