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How to Prep Your Lawn for Summer Backyard Parties – CWG Landscape

The best perk about having a lawn is that you can throw great summer parties. If you want to throw the best party possible, you need to do a little lawn prep.

You lawn takes a beating all year long, from dry winters to hot and soaking summer months. You’ll want to do some maintenance and clean up before you throw great backyard parties.

Here are a few tips that will get your lawn party-ready in no time!

Address Any Problems

If you’re throwing backyard parties, the first thing people will look at is the lawn itself. This means that you need to find any significant problems and address them as soon as possible.

Big trouble spots would be bare or brown patches of lawn, large plots of weeds and unwanted plants, and insect or animal damage.

These things should be taken care of a few weeks before your party. That will give you enough time to fight any lingering problems before your guests start to arrive.

Survey the Landscape

Great landscaping is an integral part of any great lawn, so check out your flower beds and shrubs as part of your party prep.

Take the time to prune any shrubs or bushes that look wild and out-of-sorts. Pruning is vital to the life of many plants, so consistent pruning will not only cut your party-prep down, it will help your shrubs and bushes live longer.

If you notice any dull areas, use some potted plants to enliven the party.

Maintaining great landscaping is a year-round process, so here are a few tips to follow.


This should be a given. Uncut grass can look choppy and messy, so mowing the lawn should be one of the last things you do before backyard parties.

Make sure, however, that you don’t cut the grass too short. A good rule of thumb is that you want to cut your grass more often on a high length, no more than a third of the blade. This will help prevent disease and other problems throughout the year.

Here’s a trick to help you know when it’s time to mow the lawn.

Don’t Forget Walkways

Driveways and sidewalks are as much a part of the party as seating and tables. Your guests will be using them throughout the party, so make sure they look great.

Sometimes, taking a broom or leaf blower to your driveways and sidewalks will clean them up. Other times, you may need to spend some time using a pressure washer to get grime and stubborn plants out of there.

This will give your guests a great first impression as they arrive.

And don’t forget to do the same for any hardscaped gathering spaces as well!

Throw Those Backyard Parties!

Know that you know these helpful hints on prepping your lawn, it’s time to show your guests a great time. Remeber: the more you keep up with your yard, the easier it will be to throw great backyard parties.

If you need any help maintaining your lawn to “party” status, please check out our blog or contact us for more info.

Party on!

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