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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing Plants for Landscaping

Five Factors to Consider When Choosing Plants for Landscaping

Despite being a profession, landscaping can be an art and design activity usually done by landscape designers who have to combine nature and art to come up with a beautiful landscape. According to experts, landscaping mostly tends to bridge the gap between garden design and land architecture.

What do you use during landscaping? In this activity, you only require easily acquired materials such as stones, soil, and plants, including flowers and grasses. The combination of these will not only add a beautiful design to your garden but will create an environmentally friendly atmosphere full of fresh air and greenery.

There are so many factors to consider in choosing plants for landscaping. Some will be materials, while others include expertise and also the type of land in use. In this article, we will discuss five crucial factors that will help you select the best plants for your garden in Cape Coral, Florida.

1. Appearance

The appearance of the plants, when growing, will significantly determine your choice. Different plants have different growing behavior, and some require different mechanisms, including providing the support structures. It would be best if you had an idea of how the plant looks like when fully grown as some might outgrow your garden. Ensure you do thorough research on the plants‘ looks during planting, in different levels of growth, and also when mature. With this, you will come up with a suitable choice.

2. Location

Where is the garden located? When choosing the type of plant to include in your landscaping, its location matters a lot. The reason is that the front lawn and the backyard garden might not share the same kind of vegetation. At the front, you might need plants that are shorter and attractive to create great curb appeal. In the backyard, you might consider plants that don’t require much care and maintenance. Ensure that whatever you choose does not disrupt the regular routines of your house and also the neighbors.

3. The type of soil and climate

Different plants require different types of soil and climate. Ensure the kind of plants you choose will survive in Cape Coral, Florida environment, and topography. If possible, select plants that require less maintenance, such as water and additional fertilizers, which might inflate your overall costs. Upon choosing a plant, do thorough research to understand its climatic requirements and the type of soil favorable. Some require wet areas, while others require mild temperatures as compared to others.

4. Choose native plants

It is advisable to consider native plants to cut costs. These plants require less maintenance, including mineral additives and also time to attend to them. To have a better clue on this, check on what is growing at your neighborhood unattended or do research through local government, state, and university websites on what can vegetate naturally. Choosing natural vegetation will increase the chances of survival, and you will be saving costs and time in maintenance.

5. Choose all-around vegetation

It would help if you chose trees or vegetation that remains green and lively throughout the year. This choice is because some trees shed their leaves during winter or at different times of the year. To avoid a drab scene in your yard, do your research and come up with better trees in terms of width, height, the color of their flowers, and also leaves. Ensure the kind of trees you choose do not harm residents or pets living within the area. For example, avoid thorny trees in places where there are kids or pets.

Other factors to consider are the ground cover, the trees’ lifespan, and the kind of flowers they produce when mature. Considering the elements in this article and many more will enable you to come up with a better landscape that is beautiful and also easy to maintain.

If you need help making your landscaping ideas a reality and professional advice on choosing plants for landscaping in Florida, give CWG Landscape a call today.

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