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Knowing how your drainage system works will help you follow proper maintenance practices. Learn more about your drainage system.

Everything You Need to Know About Drainage Systems

A proper drainage system is necessary for your property inside and outside your home. However, knowing what type of drainage is most suitable for your Florida property can be challenging unless you understand the system’s purpose, uses, and benefits. CWG Landscape offers a helpful guide on drainage below. 

Types of Drainage Systems

Drainage systems in plumbing refer to the pipes that transport wastewater, sewage, and rainwater from a property to a municipal water treatment plant or an on-site septic tank. While your home’s plumbing is complex, equally important are your landscaping drainage systems. Examples of these different systems include:

  • Surface Drainage Systems: This system is a series of shallow ditches a landscaper installs into a flat lawn to direct water into a drain away from the house on the property.
  • Storm Water Drainage Systems: Storm drains are the holes near curbs where rainwater and other water sources flow to prevent flooding on the lawn or inside the residence.
  • Potable Water Systems: A potable water system involves a series of pipes connected to the main line to supply a building with fresh water.

Drainage Systems for Landscapes

In landscaping, these systems remove excess water from a yard to prevent oversaturating the land. A property with a drainage problem will display one or more warning signs, including:

  • Loose topsoil
  • Soil erosion
  • Driveway or walkway flooding
  • Pooling water under gutters and downspouts near the home’s foundation

Installing surface and subsurface drainage systems will help your lawn effectively drain water without removing too much moisture from the plants, flowers, and trees that need it for healthy growth.

French Drain

French drains are a common system for draining rainwater off of low-lying landscapes. These drains work similarly to gutters by using channels to redirect rainwater. Instead of diverting water above the house like gutters, French drains prevent puddles from forming on the ground.

A French drain consists of piping with holes and a filter fabric with gravel covering its surface. A French drain is attractive and works as a stylish inclusion to a landscape’s garden area, and is highly effective in redirecting rainwater from lawns and gardens.

Dry Well

Unlike a water well, a dry well is an underground reservoir for collecting water, not providing groundwater for personal use. The structure collects rainwater runoff and allows the waste to slowly seep back into the soil through its porous sides.

These wells are best for areas that accumulate water but are unsuitable for other drainage solutions. For instance, you could use them if your driveway gates constantly flood. However, a landscaping company must assess your property’s water table and soil composition to determine whether this system is right for your yard.

Improve Your Florida Property with a Proper Drainage System

You need an adequate drainage system, plantings, and soil moisture for a beautiful, healthy lawn in Cape Coral, FL. At CWG Landscape, our expert landscapers specialize in installing irrigation systems and drainage structures to remove excess water from the soil to ensure optimal plant health and a thriving lawn. Contact our team today at (239) 242-0900 to request a new landscape drainage system consultation.

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