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CWG Landscape Brings You Worry-Free Yard Maintenance

CWG Landscape Brings You Worry-Free Yard Maintenance

With CWG landscaping, you don’t have to do a thing to keep your yard in excellent shape. Our experienced team crew will do the job for you. We’ve been serving residents in the area for over 40 years. We take pride in the yards we work on.

The services you will receive from us are comprehensive. They will take care of the last detail when it comes to keeping your yard groomed.


Our team members treat your lawn just like their own. That means mowing weekly May through the end of September and three times per month April and October. January, February, March, November, and December, the lawns are mowed bi-weekly.

We know grass types at CWG! We take care of the different types of grass to spec. St. Augustine “Floratam” is mowed to a height of three to four inches. Zoysia is kept at two to two and a half inches, with adjustments as needed.

We do not remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blades per mowing, so if the yard is grown over, the height will be different.

CWG carefully rotates mowing patterns in order to prevent scalping, rutting, and soil compaction in areas where this is possible.

Lake banks and retention ponds will be mowed to the water’s edge.


We use a blade edger on areas adjacent to paved surfaces or structural edges such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots, curbing, headers, and retaining walls. This keeps the lines crisp.

The bed edge is kept neat to prevent encroachment at all times.

Plant beds are edged as needed, and sidewalks are edged every mowing to prevent overgrowth.


We carefully hand-pull weeds from hedges, shrubs, and plant beds to protect your greenery.

CWG uses herbicides where possible to prevent weeds from growing back. Please notify us if there is an area that herbicides cannot be used in your yard.

Pruning and Trimming

We prune and hedge as needed to maintain the health and vigor of your plants and hedges.

Shrubs and hedges, to a height of 10′, are sheared and pruned in accordance with the growth patterns to provide for the health of the plant.

All trimmings and clippings are collected and removed from the property.

Large shrubs and small trees less than 10 feet in height will be selectively thinned out to remove dead wood and foliage as well as interfering branch cross over. Trees will be maintained free of low hanging limbs and suckers from trunk or base.

Trees will be trimmed or pruned up to a height of 10 feet. No limbs larger than 1 ½ inches in diameter will be removed.

Palm trees will be trimmed up to 15 feet as often as necessary to assure a clean, healthy, and pleasant appearance.

Trees larger than 10 feet and limbs larger than 1 ½ inches in diameter will be trimmed and/or removed on a cost-plus basis.

There is a cost-plus fee applied to trees that need canopy treatment or thinning.


We clean before and after yard maintenance. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

Hurricane cleanup or cleanup needed due to any unusual acts of nature will be done at an additional charge.

Lawn and Ornamental

Our certified operator and certified lawn technicians work with you to develop a lawn care plan that is in accordance with The University of Florida guidelines and Integrated Pest Management.

We use custom-blended fertilizer with a nutrient booster on your yard. A complete minor and trace element package is included with each application to ensure that all of the requirements of your Southwest Florida landscape are provided for. Only professional commercial grade fertilizers will be used and have no less than 50% slow release.

CWG understands that some grasses do not respond well when weed-controlling herbicides are applied. We will utilize the herbicides that we can on your yard, but we know that absolutely every weed cannot be removed.

In addition, sometimes other grasses become mixed in with the grass in your yard. At certain percentages, these other grasses may be considered a weed. CWG acknowledges this and realizes that herbicides cannot be applied to these other grasses without damaging the grass of choice.

If runoff would damage the existing plants, herbicides will not be used in that area. Please talk with our staff if you know about runoff areas that may be affected by heavy rain or the lay of the landscape.

We will diligently hand-pull weeds from your plant beds and shrubs, as detailed above, to prevent re-seeding into the grass.

We also have plans available for total moss, grub, and bug removal six times per year.

The Best in Landscaping

Whether your patch of grass has grown vigorously for years or needs a near-total working over, CWG has staff ready to take your yard to the next level.

Our friendly, efficient staff knows what it takes to keep a Southwest Florida lawn in the best shape. We have a great eye for the problems that lawns may face and will work with you on your lawn care plan.

We service lawns of all sizes. Whether you are an apartment complex or have acreage, we can take total care of your yard. We are exceptionally careful with flower beds and shrubs and will make sure your yard looks amazing when we’re done with it.

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