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Caring for Newly Planted Trees and Shrubs

Caring for Newly Planted Trees and Shrubs

Having gardens has long been one of humanity’s pleasures for practical and aesthetic reasons.

If you have recently planted trees or shrubs, it’s undoubtedly an exciting time, though it can also be somewhat daunting. Don’t worry, as in this blog post, your expert team at CWG Landscape will highlight what you need to know about caring for newly planted trees and shrubs. Let’s get started!

Water Them Wisely

For newly planted shrubs and trees, water is critical. They will require a greater amount of water at first, so pay close attention to how much (and how frequently) you water them. It’s essential to keep the root ball moist – though be careful not to soak it, as this can be just as bad as not enough water.

For trees, water them every two to three days, giving each plant around 10 to 15 gallons per week. Shrubs should be watered daily for the first couple of weeks, then every two to three days for several weeks. In the future, less frequent, deeper watering is recommended.

Spread Mulch

Mulch is another crucial part of caring for new plants, helping the soil around them to moderate its temperature, retain moisture, and prevent weeds. One to three inches of mulch is enough at the base of the plant, which leaves space for it to breathe.

For trees, mulching with wood chips is highly recommended. Apply the wood chips two to four inches deep and keep them at least four inches away from the base of the trunk. Use a potato hoe to break up your wood chips if they start to look matted or dry, so they don’t become hydrophobic.

Avoid Fertilizer at First

Fertilizer has several benefits, though it is advised that you avoid it at the start. Avoid applying fertilizers for at least a year. Fertilizing too early can injure plants—in some cases, it can even kill them (given the big burst of early nutrients that can shock their roots).

When you are ready to use fertilizer on your plants, it’s best to speak to a professional landscaping company, such as CWG Landscape, who can make a qualified recommendation.

Caring for Newly Planted Trees and Shrubs

The above information will help you when caring for new trees and shrubs. Patience is always vital with newly planted trees and shrubs, and if you are concerned about some aspect of their growth or health, don’t hesitate to speak to a professional.

Here at CWG Landscape, we are your premier landscape maintenance company in Cape Coral and surrounding areas. We are 100% committed to professional, high-quality, and custom landscape installation and maintenance. Please speak to our team today about your project and request a free quote.

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