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3 Fort Myers Landscaping Tips for the Holiday Season

A lot goes into holiday decorating. From safety tips to friendly neighborhood competition, getting your house ready for the holidays may not be as easy as it seems.

The effort can be well worth it, though. Driving up to your home after a long day can easily fill you with holiday cheer. If you have children in your life, it’s also a great way to make the season more magical for them.

While many of us think of stringing up lights or hanging a wreath, there are landscaping ideas that you may not have thought of before.

In Fort Myers landscaping that is themed for the holidays can go a long way in making your house stand out.

If you want to be known as the best-looking house on the block, read on. We’ve got great tips for using landscaping to take your house to the next level.

1. Highlight Your Yard’s Natural Beauty

In Fort Myers landscaping work that you do throughout the year should highlight the natural beauty of your home and your yard.

When the holiday season rolls around, the last thing you want to do is mask all of that hard work.

Instead, look for decorations that will accent the elements of your yard that you love the most.

For example, if you have perfectly manicured hedges you can cover them in net-style holiday lights, which will emphasize that uniform look. If your style is a little more abstract, you can mix and match different types of lights.

If you have one really dramatic element to your landscaping, such as a palm tree in your front yard, you can focus your decorating attention there, to make sure it really stands out.

Holiday decorating should enhance the look you already love, not try to hide it.

2. Pick a Theme

One way to make sure that your outdoor decorating looks thoughtful and cohesive is to pick a theme. This will allow you to still have fun dressing up your yard, but it will prevent your final look from seeming too random.

And, a theme can be anything. If there is a holiday color you really love – like red or gold – seek out decorations that are in different shades of that hue. If there is a certain style you’re going for – a whimsical look or a modern look – that can be your theme as well.

3. Dress up Your Outdoor Seating

If you have garden benches or porch chairs, don’t neglect them when you plan your holiday landscaping. Dressing up those items with holiday greens and garland is an effortless way to take them from functional to festive.

You want every element of your landscaping service to contribute to the overall look, and holiday greenery can go a long way in accomplishing that.

Want More Tips for Fort Myers Landscaping?

The holidays are a special time for friends and family to enjoy together. Updating your landscaping with a festive look is a wonderful way to make your home the holiday gathering spot.

For more information on beautiful landscaping, please contact us at any time.

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